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The Trews & Sunset Riot, The Annandale – 23/03/2011

Sunset Riot

Anyone would have thought they were performing at a rock concert for 20,000. There were about 27 people standing in the room.  In my books, this qualifies you as a brilliant performer regardless of the tunes you produce. Musical talent helps though, obviously. And Sunset Riot managed to pull off both.

These rockers looked the part; topless, eccentrically jewelled, and led by someone pulling one of the greatest Johnny Depp looks I’ve seen yet. Throughout their relatively short-lived act (shame, really, these guys were VERY entertaining), there was barely a beat that wasn’t accompanied by some impulsive act or gesture – these guys were up on the bar, swinging from poles, doing laps around the room; you get the gist.

These boys started up in Perth less than a year ago, and are keen to get over to the States to show what they are made of.  I’m guessing they’ll make it, to be honest. They put on a real performance for those who decided they’d actually show up for the support act of The Trews – and this could be a big call, but I’d say they outdid the big performers of the night.

Lead singer Del Rio was the cause of more than one smile in the room with his extravagant and cheeky manoeuvres; leaping from the stage onto unassuming females, males – whoever was close enough, really.  110% energy would best describe the performance by the Sunset Riot. Pick up a copy of their newest album, or better yet, get to see them live before they are snatched up by the likes of New York…

The Trews

When the time for leading act The Trews came around, the venue was jam-packed. And rightly so – the Trews created a sound and an energy that can only be found in the most soul-driven, underground venues. It felt like the room had been turned into an underground music club in New York. These guys were in no way amateurs & they belted out a performance that was both insanely unique and mainstream at the same time.

Having been named the ‘greatest rock band of their generation’ – they had a fair deal to live up to. Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, these boys have traipsed halfway around the world to make their name known elsewhere. And in this particular venue, on this particular night, they did well, to say the least.

It’s clear that The Trews draw a crowd – if you aren’t in with the lyrics you will feel somewhat insignificant in the crowd.  At the same time, the tunes are so easily interpreted and the cover songs so plentiful – that anyone can get by with a basic appreciation of rock.

They belted out a medley of tunes from their newest album, Hope & Ruin together with some of their all time classics Tired of Waiting and Paranoid Freak. The boys brought out a reworked version of some of the all-time greatest rock songs of all time – and somehow this worked in this underappreciated, dingy music venue on Sydney’s Parramatta Road.

Definitely worthwhile seeing these guys while they are in Aus, as it could be a while before they are back!

Bonus of the gig: Slink outside between each act & you’ll get the chance to mingle with the bands on the outdated red leather sofas spotted between metal garbage bins in the Annandale’s courtyard. It’s about as intimate as a venue gets in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

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