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The Wall, 2nd Birthday – The World Bar, 21st January 2009

The Wall may just be the best thing to happen to Kings Cross, since the local women came to the realisation that a lucrative career was to be had by simply taking off their clothes. The innovative event partners live DJ’s, art, and teapots full of potent liquor to great effect. This past Wednesday was the two year anniversary of the concept, which was originally put on at Bar Cleveland, but is now a permanent fixture at The World Bar.

Unlike many other club nights in Sydney, The Wall isn’t just about deafening techno music and alcohol fuelled regret. World Bar’s first floor plays host to a weekly art exhibition exclusive to Wednesday nights, that adds a unique flavour to the proceedings.

Featured young artist Maria Halouva showcased her extraordinary talent with an impressive body of work, ranging from a vivid pencil drawn portrait of her friend Paulina, to an abstract painting of triangles, titled ‘The Female Structure’. Maria reassured me that, yes, the triangles do symbolise the woman’s downstairs party zone, and no, her parents have yet to understand the painting. Her work is priced upwards of $90, to about $300, and filled the room with budding art connoisseurs.

What was interesting was the legitimate interest generated by the art itself. Presenting the exhibition in such a relaxed setting allows for an enjoyable experience, as well as a forum for fledgling artists that may otherwise go undiscovered.

In keeping with the ongoing theme of diversity, the local DJ’s for the night kept things varied and easy to dance to. MIGZ opened things up with a little ambient hip hop, followed by a set that comprised almost entirely of remixed movie themes. At the familiar sound of Grease, people began flocking to the dance floor to bust out their best Travolta impression, complete with self assured facial expressions. Not to be outdone, international guest acts Tittsworth, and Texan born Bird Peterson had the back room pumping when they took the floor at midnight.

A great night, moving on from a modest crowd earlier in the night,  by the end it was pumping harder than Ron Jeremey. Keep it coming.

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