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Trial Kennedy, The Annandale Hotel – 21/05/2011

The first time I saw Trial Kennedy was at the Annandale Hotel and it was by accident. Looking for something to do on a Saturday night a few years back, I went down to the iconic pub for a few beers and gig. The band headlining that night blew me away and I have been a fan ever since, catching the guys play some five or six times. So to head back to the Annandale tonight to see them on the back of their new album Living Undesigned held a special place in my heart.

This was my first time hearing Numbers Radio, and just like Trial Kennedy did a few years back, they completely blew me away. Rooted in a New York punk style with elements of grunge, shoegazer indie and Foo Fighter’s style stadium rock, the three piece from Brisbane were electric. The twin vocal attack bolstered their sound and David Orr’s guitar work was impressive. As a friend of mine commented after their set, “he’s the type of guitar player I wish I could be.” Their set was full of high energy, catchy rock songs. At times there was the poppiness of a Blink 182, the rawness of The Stooges and the grit of Mess Hall. An impressive set.

The one thing you can always guarantee from a Trial Kennedy show is that they will give it 110% and they won’t let you leave disappointed. From the opener Sally right through to the last track, the infectious Neighbours the band delivered what I’ve seen them do so many times. Put on a good rock gig. The tracks of the new album Living Undesigned were well received, with many of the fans already knowing the words to songs like Best Of Tomorrow, Exology and Living Undesigned. The biggest response still came from tracks off New Manic Art. Sunday Warning has received an almost jazz inspired makeover and Color Day Tours and War King show off Tim’s amazing vocal abilities.

New bass player Richie looks like he belongs in the Trial Kennedy family and his enthusiasm has helped kick the band up another notch on their live set. Stacy was always engaging the crowd and towards the end even Tim was getting involved holding the mic out for the crowd to sing along. The time seemed to fly so fast during the set that I wasn’t really prepared for it to end when it did. The new songs sounded great live and sit well with fan favourite tracks. My only criticism is that they didn’t play the fantastic City from the new album, but if that’s my only complaint, then I’m pretty sure I can live with that because once again, Trial Kennedy were brilliant.

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