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Image for Tripping Jesus and True VibeNation – The World Bar 29/09/08

Tripping Jesus and True VibeNation – The World Bar 29/09/08

Written by Michael Carr on October 18, 2008

It was with great misgivings that I entered World Bar on a Monday night to see this band they call Tripping Jesus. They had been described to me as ‘balls out rock’ and ‘sweat inducing awesomeness’ but seeing as though this was their first gig in Sydney, having only really played house parties before I was preparing for disappointment. I was not disappointed.

They took to the stage with the energy of men possessed, guiding their demon strength into their instruments to bring forth a testicle-tickling dose of rock. The riff were massive, the drummer seemed to have an extra arm hidden away somewhere and the singer was parading around like a fool, but he sang like a god. A Norse God.

We were treated to a cover of Robot Rock by Daft Punk, a series of visceral and pounding originals as well as some of the best banter I’ve ever heard from an independent band.

Jase the guitarist was all over it, tapping, violining, just making full use of the wide range of sounds a guitar can make. Drummer Jules had more than a few shining moments on the skins, most notably during the drum solo he played as an encore, which saw the crowd kneel before the power of his double kick.

Vocalist Knibbe has a very strong voice, and while it was difficult to make out over the rest of the music thanks to a less than amazing PA, it still sounded head and shoulders above a lot what I’m used to hearing from upcoming local bands.

They closed the set with a cover of Killing In The Name Of, that started the only circle pit I’ve ever seen at World Bar, before being cheered back on to play Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin, having exhausted all their original material.

Drenched in sweat I left to go have a shower, but on the way out I noticed a hip-hop due playing in the main room. I learned they were called True VibeNation, but I already knew they were awesome.

Truly old school in the vein of The Pharcyde, these twin brother delivered the most polished and funky hip-hop set I’ve ever seen from a non-international act. What really struck me was the fact they were playing with nothing but two mics and a DJ, true old school.

Check both of these bands out, one rocks one hops.

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