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Van She, Made in Japan + Swimwear, Beach Road Hotel – 25/04/2012

Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel, known for its first-class free gigs, upheld its reputation with an exceptional performance by Van She last night. Supported by triple j Unearthed band Made in Japan, and cheery Swimwear, Van She promoted the release of their second album Idea of Happiness, which they engineered themselves in the notorious Kings Cross.

The crowd was packed to the edges of the top bar – all the way to the bathroom, as I discovered whilst making my trip to the ladies’ – all eyes drawn on the four-piece band (except those listening in the toilets). Sharing their forthcoming album with the crowd, Van She opened with a new track that no one seems to know the name of, but I’m sure we’ll find out at the album’s release in early July. Van She continued to introduce new hits, and though the crowd enjoyed the almost bubbly synth beats and equatorial melodies, nothing compared to the audience’s reaction to my personal Van She favourite, Changes.

Old fans sprung up onto leather lounges, tables, benches, each other…every surface a sticky one – including the carpet, which I found to be very peculiar. The audience danced (somewhat awkwardly due to the stickiness of the floor) their way through Changes, Van She’s new track Idea of Happiness and eventually, Kelly, my second Van She favourite, which lit up the eyes and ears of listeners. The crowd was feverish by the end of the night; the boys and girls in the front were as sticky with sweat as the floor was with vodka lemonades. Van She ended with a bang, performing Sex City, a favourite among many of my friends, and judging by the reaction of the crowd, a favourite of everyone else too.

After sharing thoughts on the night’s performance, we’ve all agreed that, although it’s hard to beat their older hits, Van She’s upcoming album shows promise, so make sure to tune into Idea of Happiness when it hits the market. Not much else can be said other than that Van She never fails to excite.

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