Watch Travis Scott Go Off At Security Guard For Removing Microphone From Fan’s Hand

It’s fair to say that Travis Scott and festival security guards have never been the best of friends, a reputation that was only enhanced after an altercation between the US rapper and security went down at Day For Night Festival in Houston last night.

In footage of the incident the guard goes to take a microphone away from a fan after Scott had given it to them. In response, Scott absolutely loses his shit, yelling “I will smack the fuck out of you nigga” at the guard – with the incident made even weirder by the fact that his autotune remained on the whole time.

“Don’t you ever take a motherfucking mic out of my fucking fans’ hands, man,” Scott continued. “Motherfucking Tony, get this nigga out my face, man. Get this nigga out my face. No security touches a Travis Scott fan, bro. It’s not how we rocking, bro. Take yo ass to the left. You fucking big ear lope, earring wearing, fat motherfucker.”

Scott was also arrested in 2015 for inciting a riot at Lollapalooza, and earlier this year footage emerged of Scott saying “fuck you” to a security guard at the Sydney leg of Listen Out festival after he climbed on a roof to perform.

Check out footage of last night’s incident, below.

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