Some Aussie Legend Is Hosting A ‘Shannon Noll Was Robbed of Winning Australian Idol’ Memorial Event This November

Australia has got itself a severe case of Nollsy fever and the temperature is rising.

Shannon Noll‘s stock is red hot right now: after beginning 2016 as a social media sensation, the original Australian Idol runner-up has been fending off collaboration offers from rapper Allday and is currently the subject of a grassroots petition to play this year’s Groovin The Moo festival.

He’s even won over Thy Art Is Murder fans, which begs the question: is there anything Nollsy can’t do?


And now, with demand for the Condobolin sheep-wrangler at fever pitch, thousands of fans from across the nation are already laying plans to converge on the Sydney Opera House at the end of the year to protest the original insult inflicted upon one of our nation’s greatest musical treasures.

A whopping 12,000 Australians have already RSVP’d to the 13th Annual ‘Shannon Noll Was Robbed of Winning Australian Idol‘ Memorial, a Facebook event scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 19th of 2016.

Almost 20,000 others have indicated that they are “interested” in attending, 10 months out from when the official event is due to kick off, proving just how much the original wounds of Nollsy’s Australian Idol snub still continue to sting more than a decade after the fact.

“Saturday November 19th marks the 13th anniversary of the inaugural Australian Idol grand final where tragedy swept the nation as our lord and savior Shannon Noll was robbed of winning the Australian Idol title,” the event page declares.

“We will be converging on the steps of the Sydney Opera House where this tragedy took place to pay our respects to Shannon and reflect on this national tragedy,” it continues. “We will be playing Shannon’s music all afternoon followed by a moment’s silence to reflect and mourn, finishing up with a mass burning of Guy Sebastian CD’s and merchandise.”

Event mastermind Nathan Jackson is hoping that, with enough support, Nollsy himself will be compelled to make an appearance and perhaps even perform a song.

We have no doubts that rapper Allday, who recently dubbed Noll “The Deserving Winner” of Australian Idol 2003 will be in attendance.

Other lesser-known supporters have been posting a variety of pro-Nollsy memes on the event page which you can check out a selection of, below.

If you’re interested in supporting this cause, you can RSVP to the event page here.

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