Music Community Shows Support For 15 Year Old Cat To Keep His Record Store Home

The community surrounding NZ record store Vinyl Destination have banded together to express just how much they love their record store kitty cat Callaway.

15 year old Callaway is the resident cat at Vinyl Destination, and he is loved by the owner, the customers and the community at large. Locals frequent the store for daily cuddles and pats when they drop by for their takeaway coffee and music fix, but it just so happens that one sour puss now has a problem with it.

The NZ Herald reported that Vinyl Destination’s owner Luke Wormald was messaged via Facebook: “This is terrible, this is a cat in a place where you sell food”.

Wormald explained, “I said ‘hey, we don’t sell food’ and he came back saying ‘this is very unprofessional, it’s disgusting. I’ve been in this city for 15 years, etc.’ I basically told him to get a life. Two hours later I get a call from the council saying they’ve had an anonymous phone call complaining about the cat.”

The council checked out the situation and, much to the delight of the record store community, gave them the green light to carry on keeping Callaway around.

Wormald refers to the positivity that has come out of the whole ordeal, after he posted about the complaints on Facebook. “We’ve had nearly 70,000 people see it. It’s actually gone viral,” Wormald said. “It just goes to show that there are people who don’t mind it and want us here… He is our little mascot. We are going to protect him. People come in to see him every day and have a cuddle or say ‘hey’.”

You can even visit Callaway’s very own Facebook page to show your support for this music loving kitty.


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