17 People Injured From Lightning Strike At Sweden’s ‘Peace & Love’ Festival

Festivalgoers were caught off guard at Sweden’s Peace & Love Festival when a lighting strike on June 26, 2012 (at approximately 3pm) caused minor injuries to 17 individuals. In a report from Swedish news outlet The Local, witness Amanda Andersen said the whole incident was quite sudden.

“First we saw a lightning flash and then we heard a really loud clap of thunder. The next thing we knew, the ambulances had come”, Andersen said.

Spinner noted that a makeshift medical centre was designated to help aid in the transporting of those injured by the lightning strike to a nearby health facility.

Peace and Love Festival Officer Ronny Matsson said that both fans and staff were injured in the strike.

“They were all holding metal objects when lightning struck”, Matsson said.

Fortunately no-one was seriously injured and all individuals that were physically affected by yesterday’s lightning strike are reportedly back on their feet.

This year’s Peace & Love Festival boasts an impressive lineup, including Regina Spektor, Bloc Party, Nero, The Shins and Rise Against.

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