$35 Million Could Get You Prince’s Unreleased Vault Of Music

If you have a bit of spare cash floating around you could become the owner of Prince‘s huge unreleased vault of music.

As Billboard reports, Prince’s estate advisers Charles Koppelman and L. Londell McMillan are looking to sell the vault for around $35 million.

All three major labels, Universal, Sony and Warner, are said to be in talks to buy the rights to the music which could mean the release of a number of posthumous records.

It’s unclear at the moment who owns much of Prince’s unreleased music as he jumped from record labels numerous times. He was signed to Warner from 1977 until the mid-’90s and then had short deals with EMI, Epic and Arista and Columbia. The estate is reportedly still sorting through his assets and has yet to begin cataloguing his unreleased music.

Soon after Prince’s death, his manager Koppleman also had plans to make a musical out of his unreleased material. He noted plans for a Broadway or Cirque du Soleil style-show to be made from his “vaults full of music”. It’s unknown at this stage whether that is coming to fruition.

It’s also been reported that there will be a deluxe edition of Prince’s iconic Purple Rain record to be released in the next few months, most likely early 2017. Prince re-signed with Warner back in 2014 and it was revealed that he would re-release it as a remastered deluxe version.

Prince’s collection of unreleased music is likely to be massive given the sheer volume of his released music. Within the past two years alone he released four albums on top of touring.

It could be the only unreleased music collection in the world worth a huge $35 million.

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