360 Calls Out Racist Australia During New Song At Sprung Hip Hop Festival

During his set at Brisbane’s Sprung Hip Hop Festival a couple of weeks ago Aussie MC 360 played brand-new track On A Planet No One Knows, which address the pressing issue of racism in Australia, and his inflammatory performance has finally made its way online.

Set to feature on 360’s forthcoming album – which he’s been calling Utopia online – On A Planet No One Knows (below) addresses the topic of racial profiling and appararently contains one of the strongest verses on the whole record.

Knowing full well how people like to misinterpret certain opinions, Sixty made damn sure people knew exactly what he was getting at when he previewed the track for the crowd at Sprung on on Saturday, 21st September.

Before kicking it off, Sixty gives the audience (many of whom seem to already know the words) a bit of a heads up:

“I know there’s a lot of talk at this festival, right? Cause it’s a hip hop festival, and I technically make more poppy kind of hip hop, as you say, as people do say… Anyway, I don’t give a fuck whether dudes make underground, real hip hop, whether they make poppy shit – if its good, it’s fuckin’ good music, that’s all I care about.

“So I’m going to do some new shit, right? This song is about racism in Australia. There’s a lot of racist cunts in this country. I don’t know if people are proud to admit it, or what – but there is.”

At the end of the performance, 360 drives the point home, elaborating on his take on the subject matter, as well as a reference in the track to those bearing Southern Cross tattoos:

“If you’re someone who believes “fuck off we’re full”, you’re a fucking dickhead, straight up. No matter what colour or background we are, there are fuckheads in every single race. Generalising everyone is fucking ignorant and uneducated and stupid. If you’re offended by this then you’re probably fuckin’ racist and you should fuck off.

“And when I said that Southern Cross [tattoo] shit, I don’t mean everyone who has a Southern Cross tat is racist. You’re allowed to be proud of where you come from, right? But a lot of the cunts with Southern Cross tats are fucking racist and that’s a fact…”

Sixty’s new album, the highly coveted follow up to the chart-topping Falling & Flying is expected to drop in the new year. Of course, when Music Feeds caught up with him, it was a hot topic of discussion.

Check out the performance and that interview below.

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