360 Has Done A Bogan Cover Of ‘Hotline Bling’ For Some Reason

Just like your Mum dropping an attempted ‘Netflix and chill’ joke over Christmas, newly buff Aussie rapper 360 has decided to jump on the increasingly stale Hotline Bling bandwagon, releasing his own take on the Drake song/meme overnight on his Facebook page.

And it’s… uhhh… definitely something????

Swapping out the infamous “call me on my cellphone” line for “she introduced me to the friendzone”, Sixty’s version of the song (first released in July last year btw) goes down the whiney fucboi path of complaining about unrequited love from a friend as opposed to Drake’s whiney fucboi deriding of an ex having more fun than him.

Also including such gems as “Ever since I got the Civic you…” and “I even buy you maccas and you don’t share”, the cover is joined by a video, seemingly shot on a Nokia 7610, of 360 shirtless, greased up and shaking his (admittedly not unimpressive) booty.

Their truly isn’t a ‘WTF’ gif aggressive enough for this one friends.

Check out the unholy mess below and then check back in with us in eleven months for this featuring at #1 in our ‘Worst Covers of 2016’ list.

360 – HOTLINE BLINGshe introduced me to the friend zone…

Posted by 360 on Sunday, 3 January 2016

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