360 New Album To Be ‘Dark’

It’s hard to think that the golden boy of Australian music at this point in time would have anything bad to say about anything! Though, despite selling out almost an entire national concert in a matter of hours, having an album reach platinum and a single reach triple platinum, sixty wants fans to know that there’s more going on than that, and his up-and-coming album will be dark.

Word came through after an interview with triple j’s The Doctor. Sixty explained: “I’ve been getting a gang of beats from all different people. I’ve got so much stuff that I want to write about and it’s all just coming out. It’s happening so fast, I thought it was going to take ages but I think this album is going to come together really, really quickly.”

Though the hip hop star from Melbourne insists that there are things going on behind the scenes and the follow-up to Falling and Flying will see him once again wear his heart on his sleeve.

“It will be a lot more of the same…pouring my soul out. Music couldn’t be going any better for me – it’s going like a dream – but no one sees behind the scenes and there’s been a lot of bad shit going on in my family life and personal life. It’s going to be interesting because people are going to expect a real, ‘Yeah I made it I’m f**king loving life’, kind of album, but it’s going to be quite a dark album I think.”

Jeez, you’d think after you finally got off the dole that you would have nothing bad to say. We do all have our demons, however, and everyone has their own ‘stuff’. Maybe the haters are starting to bother him? How much more platinum do you need before you’re happy Sixty? Chin up, mate!

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