360 Previews Anti-Hate Rap In New Music Teaser

Australia’s favourite parkour enthusiast turned rapper 360 has just released a video of him rapping in the studio, teasing new music with the caption “new music is on the way bruh”.

Offering some guidance to his fans, the short verse addresses the hatred 360 sees in today’s society, the rapper telling us “you should see the hate that I cop all the time, for rhyming about wrongs that I want to be right.”

He continues, touching on the issues of racial hatred in Australia, even calling out some of his own fans who he’s seen “crossing the line”, adding that “if they’re fans of hate, then I don’t want them as mine.”

When it comes to the very hot issue of Islamic extremism and the waves of hatred directed toward Muslims across the world, he promises that, “I’m not going to lie, I’ve got Muslim friends, they don’t want me to die.”

He gets personal too, making it a family matter by soon bringing his mum into the convo. “My Mum tells me that I shouldn’t reply” he raps, countering that he “can’t promise I will, but I promise to try.”

With fans generally excited about the new music, in particular his message of rejecting hatred, whatever 360 drops next is sure to get a lot of attention, the rapper seemingly aware of this and doing his best to use his music to spread a positive message. After all, like the subjects he’s rapping about, aren’t we all just “trying to live a positive life.”

Stay tuned for any more news about new music from 360, and in the meantime you can watch the full video here below.

New music is on the way bruh

Posted by 360 on Monday, November 2, 2015

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