360 Quashes Rumours He’s Back On Drugs

Following on from his tirade at last year’s Sprung Hip Hop Festival in Brisbane, 360 has once again dropped some knowledge on his fans whilst clearing up rumours that the rapper has relapsed into drug use — chatter that has been circulating since the release of his latest single, Sixavelli.

“A lot of shit is being said that I’m back on the drugs because of my lyrics in sixavelli. Stop thinking like fetus’s [sic] for 1 sec,” writes 360, aka Matthew Colwell, on his Facebook page. “My lyrics say ‘I think FROM all the benders Ivs [sic] rocked and all the ecstasy popped I suffer memory loss which means I don’t remember a lot‘ which means when I used to party, it fucked up my memory.”

Like many rappers before him, including Eminem and Tyler, The Creator, Colwell then reminded fans that his lyrics are not “literal,” writing, “Just to clarify I didn’t actually send a text message to god [sic] with a picture of a cross.. I don’t have gods number. I also didn’t get shard on tick from Bart Simpson, cartoons aren’t real. I also didn’t stab the end of my cock with an adrenaline shot.”

“And I never cracked a stiffy at my best mates funeral. That would be really insensitive of me,” he concludes. Colwell has spoken openly about his hard-living past, previously explaining that his collaboration with Daniel Johns, Impossible, was written “at the peak of my loose partying days.”

“I rocked up to the studio and I hadn’t slept for three days. I was disgusting and gross. I slept in the studio for a few hours and then we made the song. I was an absolute mess. So I decided to write about that,” he said. Readers can check out the music video for Sixavelli, featuring Lunar C, below.

Watch: 360 ft Lunar C – Sixavelli

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