360 Talks Drug Addiction: “I Knew I Would Die If I Went On”

Melbourne-born rapper Matt Colwell, better known as 360, has revealed that he decided to fix his well-publicised drug and alcohol problem after his addiction grew so bad that he began to fear for his own life.

In a lengthy interview with Fairfax Media, the now 27-year-old said he realised his habits were endangering his health towards the end of last year. “I just knew I would die if I went on,” he said.

His body was ravaged by drugs and alcohol, the near 2m tall rapper weighing just 67 kilograms less than a year ago. “I used to wake up and drink straight out of the vodka bottle. I loved it,” he said, admitting that he still missed the drinking even though it led to “the hard shit”.

“I used to get very anxious and have panic attacks,” he said. “If I was feeling anxious or overwhelmed I’d escape any way I could – through drugs, alcohol, partying.

Colwell phoned manager Rae Harvey — his “second mum” — just before Christmas 2013, at the height of his addiction. He ended up staying with her for three weeks and went cold turkey. “He didn’t go out alone,” Harvey said. “But we went for nature walks together and I fed him… I knew what a great person he could be and I wanted him back.”

He described his recovery as difficult. “It was exactly like that scene in Trainspotting,” he says. “Oh man, it was horrific. I was so paranoid. I thought everyone hated me. Rae has five cats and I thought the cats hated me.”

When asked about why he and his older brother both became involved with drugs Colwell replied, “I don’t know. My dad’s parents were both alcoholics – his dad died when he was nine and after that his mum would be drunk every single day. So he was completely anti-alcohol and he and Mum knew nothing about drugs.

“Sometimes I think it’s better for kids whose parents say, ‘Try pot at home first.’ They’re not the ones who go off the rails.”

Read the full piece, where Colwell also discusses his childhood, “selling out”, and the price of fame, here. Check out 360’s Utopia Australian tour dates below.

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