5 Greatest Punk Rock Frontmen/Women With Frank Carter

Former Gallows frontman Frank Carter is known for being one of the ballsiest, most impressive punk rock frontmen of recent times and so to celebrate the release of the new album Blossom from Frank Carter + The Rattlesnakes we got the man himself to run us through who he thinks matches his stage prowess with the five greatest punk rock frontmen and women of all time.

1. David Bowie

The classic names that inspired me to want to me in bands were people like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry – even Roger Waters and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. Watching videos of them in the studio – The Beatles for fuck’s sake. When I was young, watching videos of them was beyond.

And I think it’s really important nowadays when everybody is so star conscious, it’s quite difficult to find performers that are just going out there and letting themselves go loose. You’ve just got a bunch of really considered, really measured performers. I never really cared for that. I just wanted to go out and feel the crowd. That’s what I grew up watching.


2. Iggy Pop

Iggy fucking Pop is the best. You see videos and pictures of Iggy Pop and he’d just go. If you want to talk about electrifying, that is pure. Innit? Watching him jerk across the stage – watching Iggy Pop fucking break his back bending over, screaming at the top of his lungs.


3 & 4. Damian Abraham & Lee Spielman

Damian Abraham from Fucked Up! He’s like on some fucking level I can’t touch. And Lee Spielman from Trash Talk. I respect them as frontmen and performers but I don’t ever want to try and be what they do. I would definitely consider those guys up there with the Mick Jaggers.

Watch: Fucked Up – Sun Glass

5. Juliette Lewis

You know who else is fucking amazing but always gets overlooked? Juliette Lewis. She’s a fucking incredible front woman. I’ve loved her & The Licks for a long time but I think obviously because she’s an actress it’s quite easy for people to compartmentalise her as that. But she’s not. She’s just an artist. She’s a multi-faceted artist and she’s a really fucking good frontwoman.


Frank Carter + The Rattlesnakes debut album ‘Blossom’ is out now via International Death Cult/Kobalt and you can grab it here.

Watch: Frank Carter + The Rattlesnakes – Juggernaut

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