67-Year-Old “Grindmother” Drops Her First Grindcore Song, And It’s Terrifying

In December 2014, Canadian grindcore band Corrupt Leaders got one their mothers to record some chainsaw-like grindcore vocals for the group. That very proud mum, under the guise of The Grindmother, has now released her first solo grindcore song, and it’s pretty bloody terrifying.

The 67-year-old, who remains unnamed, has debuted the brutal track Any Cost (below), backed by super-crusty riffs and some circle-pit-friendly blast-beat drumming. The intense minute-long mircosong is packing some INTENSE motherly love, and is already picking up some choice comments on YouTube:

the grindmother any cost youtube comments

the grindmother any cost youtube comments copy

It’s still unclear if The Grindmother will be releasing any more new music, or if she’ll continue to work with her son’s band, but let’s just hope she doesn’t get into goregrind or pornogrind — that’s when things get really messy.

Watch The Grindmother grind out Any Cost and record vocals for her son’s band, below.

Watch: The Grindmother – Any Cost

Watch: The Grindmother Records Vocals For Corrupt Leaders

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