92 People Arrested At Stereosonic Melbourne

Police promised a crackdown on drugs at Stereosonic in Melbourne earlier this morning, then they proceeded to arrest 92 people throughout the day. According to, Ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, GHB and MDMA were just some of the drugs seized by police.

80 punters were sent to a drug diversion program, 5 hit with cannabis cautions and 7 were charged in relation to possessing and trafficking. One person was also arrested for an alcohol related offence.

Earlier in the day Sen-Sgt Pilkington stated the obvious, telling News Limited: “There are always some patrons of music festivals who think that taking drugs will enhance their day.”

Late last year new figures were released by the State Government showing that sniffer dogs are often mistaken. In 2011 NSW Police have conducted more than 14,000 searches on people after sniffer dogs reacted to the potential presence of illegal drugs. In over 11,000 of those cases, illicit substances were not found, meaning that 4 times out of 5 our furry friends are getting it wrong – the dogs that is.

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