UK Music Venue To Play ‘Africa’ By Toto For Five Hours Straight

Might wanna think about booking flights to England this November, because a bar in the city of Bristol is about to launch what might the best, or the worst, music night of all time. They’ll be playing ‘Africa’ by Toto for five hours straight.

Bristol’s ‘The Exchange’ will be spinning the band’s seminal hit, with the help of DJ Michael Savage, from 11pm to 4am in the main bar. What’s more is that the adjoining bar will be playing covers and remixes of the song too. There’s no escape.

As BBC reports, there’s a method behind the madness and it’s all for a good cause. It’s to help raise money for the charity Temwa, which aims to “develop self-sufficient communities” in the rural areas of African national Malawi.

Toto member Steve Lukather heard of the night, and he has expressed concerns to say the least.

“This could be worse than waterboarding,” he tweeted.

ICYMI, Toto are actually returning to Australia for Falls Festival over the NYE period, as well as a whole bunch of sideshows. We’re sure they’ll play songs that aren’t ‘Africa’ as well – and maybe even Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe’.

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