A Biologist Reckons New DNA Research Shows Ozzy Osbourne Is A Genetic Mutant

Ozzy Osbourne has led a life full of substance(s). Now, as he approaches 71-years-old, a new book has come out that speculates that the Black Sabbath frontman may in fact be a genetic mutant.

The book —Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are— is written by Bill Sullivan, a genetic research professor at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Sullivan takes a look at a study by Gnome, a research company in Massachusetts who studied Ozzy back in 2010. The study was undertaken because they wanted to work out how Ozzy had managed to live for so long despite his, alleged, excessive consumption of substances.

Now, the biologist, Bill Sullivan has worked out how Ozzy Osbourne has maintained such a high tolerance to these drugs.

He’s putting Ozzy’s survival down to his genes saying, “Ozzy is indeed a genetic mutant.” Which, admittedly, we all could have guessed. But apparently, he has genetic variations and mutations that have granted him the ability to live the lifestyle he did.

Chatting to Pasadena Star News, Ozzy Osbourne said he’d quit just about everything.

“I don’t drink alcohol anymore… I don’t smoke tobacco. I don’t use drugs… I’m doing good right now,” he said.

“I now think, ‘how did I think going into a bar and getting smashed and doing all that cocaine was fun?’

“I have come to think that if right now you had a gun, a bag of cocaine and a gallon of booze and you said “take your pick”, I’d pick up the gun. It’s not worth it. ‘I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions, so I won’t be making one this year, I just hope that God keeps me alive.”

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