A Circle Pit Just Broke Out On Live TV, Because Lamb Of God

In probably a first for late-night television, a circle pit has just broken out in the midst of a live broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show.

But, considering it happened during a guest performance from thrash kings Lamb Of God, maybe it’s not so surprising.

The metal overlords appeared on Kimmel Live as promo from their monster new album, VII: Sturm und Drang, triggering the kind of excitement that inspires fans to start violently smashing their bodies into one another, inside a frenzied circle pit of Soundwavey proportions.

Lamb Of God sparked the chaos by performing two songs off their heavy-as-hell new album, flagship single Still Echoes and 512.

It’s the latest in a string of heavy-hitting live performances on Kimmel, following on from Josh Groban performing Donald Trump’s most offensive tweets as piano ballads and Mumford & Sons exploring their ’90s boyband roots.

Check out the latest Kimmel carnage in the videos below.

Watch: Lamb Of God – 512, Live on Kimmel

Watch: Lamb Of God – Still Echoes, Live On Kimmel

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