A German Study Has Found The Risk Of Spreading COVID-19 At Indoor Concerts Is “Low To Very Low”

In a bit of a twist, a recent study conducted in Germany has found that the risk of spreading coronavirus at an indoor concert is “low to very low”.

German scientist Dr. Stefan Moritz led the study by a team made of those within the clinical infectious diseases department of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

The study involved 1,400 volunteers, who were all tested for COVID-19 ahead of time, who attended a concert by German pop singer Tim Bendzko in Leipzig’s Quarterback Immobilien Arena.

The attendees had their temperature taken and were fitted with a digital location tracker. They were also given masks and hand sanitiser that was laced with fluro dye.

As reported by Pitchfork via The New York Times, the attendees were instructed to simulate various scenarios over the course of 10 hours, while still observing hygiene and social distancing measures put in place.

The study concluded that the risk of the virus transmitting at such an event is “low to very low”, as long as those in attendance are following the rules put in place and practicing degrees of social distancing. They also found that air circulation is important in reducing the infection risk.

One of the team’s researchers Dr. Michael Gekle said, “There is no argument for not having such a concert.

“The risk of getting infected is very low.”

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