A Local Council Is Trying To Make “Music Festival Fatigue” A Thing

Australian music festivals are no stranger to complaints about noise and behaviour, but Melbourne’s Moonee Valley Council has coined the very anti-fun term “music festival fatigue”, which it believes its residents are suffering from.

As The Age reports, since 2013, almost four million people have attended 215 events at Flemington Racecourse and Melbourne Showgrounds, but local residents are sick of the fun and are calling for a crackdown on events held at the precinct, which have included Stereosonic, Soundwave, Future Music and Good Life.

According to Moonee Valley Council, locals are suffering from “music festival fatigue” in summer, and they want reduced noise levels, 10pm finishes and less events. Residents have reportedly complained about excessive noise, antisocial behaviour and inadequate parking and public transport.

In a statement, Moonee Valley deputy mayor Cam Nation has said, “While the events precinct is located just outside our municipality, in the City of Melbourne, it does border many hundreds of our residents and we want to ensure their interests are looked after.

“While we welcome the vibrancy and economic benefits of events… they do have an impact on our local residents, especially if they are poorly organised, excessively noisy or run over time, which has happened on a number of occasions.”

Patrick Donovan, CEO of Music Victoria, said the showgrounds, which saw a $100 million redevelopment in 2006, is a purpose-built festival site.

“While the festival promoters need to abide by laws and restrictions, cultural events have taken place at the site for many decades, and any residents who moved to the area should have factored this in before they moved,” Mr Donovan said.

Members of Moonee Valley Council have met with organisers from Flemington Racecourse and Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, to discuss locals’ concerns.

A document created by Moonee Valley Council which was presented to representatives from the state government, transport authorities, Victoria Racing Club and the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds says music events should be spread throughout the year, instead of being bunched up in the summer months.

As a result of the supposed “music festival fatigue” suffered by locals, council would also like noise restrictions enforced, and if an event runs late, they’d like to see it blacklisted.

Melbourne was recently named one of the world’s leading music cities, despite so-called “music festival fatigue”.

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