A New ‘Australian Idol’-Themed Podcast Is Launching This Month & Yeah That’s A Touchdown

Old mate and Australian Idol icon, Mark Holden and his daughter Katie Holden are giving us the podcast we had no idea we were literally pining for. The Idol Archives Podcast sees the touchdown master interview iconic Aus Idol contestants.

The first episode is live right now and Anthony Callea is the first cab off the rank for the pod.

Mark Holden is stocked with the same old dad jokes and general chaoticness, Anthony Callea drops a little bit of tea, and Katie Holden keeps the conversation on track.

On the podcast, Mark Holden says, “I’m loving catching up with the Idols.”

“Every single one of them has a story to tell and music to share. Being produced by my daughter Katie who is also my co-pilot on the podcast is a joy – we both love Idol. Love and touchdowns, Mark.”

They’ve rounded up some fine alumni too. Along with Anthony Callea, they’ve got Axle Whitehead, Natalie Gauci, Damien Leith, and Bobby Flynn to name a few.

You can catch the full 10 Australian Idol guests for the series down below, along with the first special interview with Anthony Callea.

The Idol Archives Podcast Episodes>/h4>

Hosted by Mark Holden and Katie Holden

Ep 1: Anthony Callea

Ep2: Axle Whitehead

Ep3: Natalie Gauci

Ep 4: Tarisai Vushe

Ep 5: Cosima De Vito

Ep 6: Damien Leith

Ep 7: Ben McKenzie

Ep 8: Courtney Murphy

Ep 9: Carl Riseley

Ep 10: Bobby Flynn

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