A Trailer For The Oasis Doco ‘Supersonic’ Is Finally Here

There’s an official Oasis documentary in the works; and now we’ve caught a glimpse of it via an official trailer that’s been shared online.

The doco is called Supersonic and it chronicles the meteoric rise of Liam and Noel Gallagher’s band over a period of three years up to the pinnacle of the band’s career at Knebworth – 20 years ago this year.

The trailer teases plenty of footage and new interviews with the band, Liam and Noel as well as their mother – with plenty of absolutely golden quotes.

“Oasis was like a Ferrari. Great to look at, great to drive and it will spin out of control every now and again,” says Liam.

“Oasis’ greatest strength was me and Liam; it’s also what drove the band into the ground in the end,” says Noel.

Supersonic is due to be released in UK cinemas in October.

Just yesterday, the director of the film Matt Whitecross said that he believes Oasis will reform one day.

“Neither of them have discounted the idea of getting back together. It will happen, I’m sure,” he said.

Hopefully watching this doco will reignite the Oasis fire.

Watch: Oasis ‘Supersonic’ Documentary Trailer

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