AC/DC Fans Banned From Drinking Near Auckland Concert

New Zealand AC/DC fans heading to the band’s Auckland concert will not be able to have a drink on Western Springs Stadium. Or, at least, outside it.

According to, local council have instituted a temporary liquor ban around the venue, for the 24 hours surrounding Acca Dacca’s show there on December 15th.

While there’s been nothing to indicate that punters won’t still be able to purchase booze inside the arena, Waitemata Local Board have voted unanimously to institute a dry zone around the stadium, banning consumption of alcohol from 6am on the day of the concert, until 6am the next day.

Board chairman Shale Chambers told the New Zealand paper that, even though many of the concert-goers could well be in their 60s, police are still concerned about alcohol-fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour.

A senior sergeant with the Auckland police apparently convinced council to take the preemptive action, after writing a letter to explain that temporary liquor bans have “significantly assisted in curbing alcohol-related harm and offending in public areas”.

An inspector also apparently went through “the levels of intoxication and alcohol-related harm that was likely at this type of event”.

As a result, AC/DC fans will have to be super careful with their booze before the Aussie rock legends’ big show, with those found consuming or possessing silly sauce to be slapped with a $250 fine.

Surrounding streets in a loop around the stadium and the Auckland Zoo will also be included in the restricted area.

AC/DC, meanwhile, are currently in the midst of the Australian leg of their Rock Or Bust tour, and will be performing in Brisbane tomorrow night.

Watch: AC/DC – Rock Or Bust

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