AC/DC Have Just Discovered Green Screen And It’s All A Bit Sad

AC/DC have released the music video for their new track Play Ball and it’s… um… Well, perhaps it’s best to see it for yourself. To help manage your expectations, imagine AC/DC have travelled back in time to rock out as part of human kind’s first attempt at green screen effects.

The band’s performance in front of green-screened flashing lights is intercut with images of lingerie football (yep, that’s a real thing), women playing volleyball, women on pool tables… Pretty much just scantily clad women, and balls. Oh, there’s other stuff like elephants, horses and nuns. Most of them have balls too. But it’s mostly the scantily clad women, and balls. With poorly rendered green screen effects.

A few questions, AC/DC. Firstly, who thought this was a good idea? Secondly, WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Thirdly, with the wealth of resources that comes with being one of the most successful touring acts on the planet, could you not have found someone who knew what they were doing with this technology, which has been developing since the dawn of cinema? Guys, we love ya, but this is preeeeetty weak.

We thought there might be some kind of explanation in the behind-the-scenes video. “The spirit of Play Ball is sort of a melange i.e. mess up of all-sorts of outrageous videos of people playing ball plus a rather good performance from the band,” says director David Mallet.

Well, yes, David. That’s an accurate description. But why? Is this some sort of nostalgic throw back, a cheeky wink to the fact that AC/DC’s sound hasn’t really changed since the ’80s? Editor Nick Morris chimes in, saying the idea was to “create as much drama” as possible and “capture the energy of the band”. All well and good, but maybe it could have been done without all the scantily clad women and balls and terrible green screen stuff? Just saying.

The clip sees the AC/DC music video debut of Stevie Young, who’s “doing a brilliant job” at replacing uncle Malcolm Young, according to frontman Brian Johnson, though he doesn’t look like he’s doing a hell of a lot here.

Also absent is ne’er-do-well drummer Phil Rudd, who’s still facing possible jail time over a “threatening to kill” charge in NZ. Rolling Stone reports Rudd didn’t miss the shoot due to his arrest but rather a “family emergency” in October. Rudd’s replacement in the video is Bob Richards, a former member of Shogun.

Anyway, the good news is you can close your eyes and hear that AC/DC still rock, despite all the actual drama unfolding in AC/DC land. Play Ball is from the band’s new album Rock Or Bust is due out Friday, 28th November. You can check out the craptacular clip and the behind-the-scenes video below.

Watch: AC/DC – Play Ball

Watch: AC/DC – Play Ball (Behind the Scenes)

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