Adam Levine Busted By Hot Microphone On ‘The Voice’, Tells America He Hates Them

It’s not uncommon for TV personalities to be caught out by a live mic they didn’t realise was live but unfortunately for Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice mentor Adam Levine he got busted saying the one thing you should never say on American television. During an elimination session on the show earlier this week, Levine muttered “I hate this country” under his breath…and into his mike.

As you can tell by the stern look on his face in the video, it’s no lie either. After a stack of his team were selected to potentially go home, the mentor lost his cool and said the words which apparently stunned all those who picked up on it.

Some people suggested he be fired from the show, with others saying the US citizen should be deported. ‘Murica, huh? However it all seems to have calmed down, with the super-likeable musician being too chill to stay mad at.

Since it happened, Levine has taken taken to Twitter to explain it was all in good fun, suggesting it was “light-hearted”, a “joke”, which the “humourless” American public “misunderstood”. Doesn’t sound like he’s doing himself any favours.

Watch it happen in the below video and check out the “apology” tweets below that.

Watch: Adam Levine: “I hate this country” on The Voice

(Via Mashable)

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