Adam Sandler’s Letterman Tribute “Almost” Makes Up For ‘Grown Ups 2’

Late night television legend and “king of comedy” David Letterman is stepping down from behind the Late Show desk this week, after more than 30 years in the business. Tonight Adam Sandler stopped by Letterman’s show to deliver a tribute song dedicated to his retiring hero and, guys, it didn’t suck.

While the comedy factor in Sandler’s recent films could arguably be described as questionable at best, this heartfelt musical tribute comes across as sincere, funny and even touching. “There simply is no better man, then good old David Letterman,” begins Sandler, who admitted to feeling a little emotional about everything.

One astute YouTube commenter remarked that the tribute it so good, it “almost — almost — makes up for Grown Ups 2.” We’d tend to agree. Almost.

Watch: Adam Sandler’s Musical Ode to David Letterman

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