Adelaide Council Using “Perth Model” Against Soundwave

Adelaide City Council (ACC) have issued a response to AJ Maddah and the wave of social media criticism currently being lobbed at the council after Maddah said Council was trying to “get rid of Soundwave.” ACC insist they welcome music festivals to the city, though Maddah remains skeptical.

ACC recently added Soundwave 2015 to their ‘Your Say Adelaide’ forum page, giving locals an opportunity to air their thoughts on the event. Maddah responded by sharing the link to the page and urging fans to keep the council from potentially blocking Soundwave from going ahead in the city.

“Before we can grant a temporary event lease over the Park Lands, we are required to open public consultation to gather feedback on the lease proposal,” reads a Council statement. “This is an annual occurrence for most events that are held in the Park Lands, including… music events.”

“Council’s Public Communication and Consultation Policy outlines the public consultation process that must be undertaken before a temporary lease for the Park Lands may be granted for events which significantly impact public access to a particular Park Land area for more than three days.”

Council’s statement concludes by insisting that they are “committed to creating a vibrant city full of exciting and popular cultural and artistic events and activities,” and that they welcome music festivals and “recognises the importance of them and the enjoyment they bring to many people.”

Asked why he thought the open forum meant Council was trying to get rid of Soundwave, despite the council site bearing no mention of cancelling the event, Maddah wrote, “They’re not going to come out and say they’re going to get rid of it. They just keep turning screws behind the scene.”

“Easiest way to get rid of an event is to keep adding hoops and costs til [sic] you kill it. They have adopted the Perth model,” the promoter told another Twitter follower. Maddah has urged followers to tweet Adelaide mayor Stephen Yarwood “directly [and] politely” to “express your love of SW.”

Maddah has been busy making his own tongue-in-cheek jibes towards the Mayor via Twiter. After a follower asked Yarwood what the best method for getting in contact with him would be, Maddah jokingly told the follower, “Put on an event and wait for him to come shut it down. Easy!”

The promoter says the council’s decision will not affect the release of the Soundwave 2015 lineupexpected early next month — saying, “We’ll announce either way. We probably wont put Adelaide on sale till we have some assurances in place.” As for what will happen if the Adelaide event doesn’t go ahead in 2015, Maddah indicated that the bands on the lineup will get a day off.

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