Adelaide Drummer Breaks Non-Stop Drumming World Record

Moni Lashes, drummer for Adelaide hard rock act The Babes, has just become the first woman in the entire freaking world to drum non-stop for 24 hours. And that’s not all, she also showed the fellas how it’s done, becoming the first-ever human being to drum for 24 hours, outdoors, without stopping once.

It’s news we’re pretty sure party rocker Andrew W.K. will be interested in, following his successful world record drum-a-thon last year. But not even the Party Hard singer could go the distance like this 27-year-old beat queen, who pulled the whole thing off without so much as a bathroom break. Now that’s stamina.

But Lashes didn’t do it for the glory. She tackled the world record in a bid to raise funds for her dad’s medical treatment.

“My dad, Don Dimasi, has a rare form of mulptiple sclerosis, an auto-immune disease, which really sucks,” she explains on her official fundraising page. “My dad was a drummer (a dam good one too), however since MS has come into our lives it’s forced a severe decline in my dad’s health, meaning not only can he not play drums, but cannot walk and balance unassisted anymore…”

“BUT! Dad has been accepted into a really successful medical treatment facility in Russia, which will halt his MS and allow him to live a healthy and longer life! This is where YOU guys and gals can help us out! Unfortunately we don’t have the $50,000 needed for the treatment, and so I’m gonna do what I can to make this happen.”

Lashes is still $11,000 away from achieving her fundraising target, but that hasn’t soured her success.

“24 hours later, a busted ankle and bruised butt, I became the first female to ever drum NON STOP for 24 hours in the WORLD!” the drummer posted on her official Facebook page after smashing the planetary benchmark. “I couldn’t have done it without all your support!!! If anyone is interested in donating to my dad’s treatment, we are still a little way off of our target, so please don’t hesitate to contact me 😀 😀 love ya all!!!”

Interested punters can help her out by donating to the worthy cause here.

UPDATE 25/03/15: We spoke to Moni Lashes all about her record-setting feat!

Watch: Moni Lashes 24 hour Drum Female World Record NO BREAKS NO STOPS

Well Gang, I did it. 24 hours later, a busted ankle and bruised butt, I became the first female to ever drum NON STOP…

Posted by Moni Lashes on Tuesday, 24 March 2015

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