Adele Says She’s Planning Her First-Ever Australian Tour

UPDATE 15/11/16: Adele has finally announced her first ever Australian tour dates.

ORIGINAL STORY: Pop mega-star Adele has revealed she’s planning her first-ever Australian tour, but she’s jokingly warned fans not to get their hopes up.

As EW reports, Adele revealed her Aussie tour plans during the first show of her current US tour in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on Tuesday.

During the concert, Adele learned that one of the fans in attendance had flown from Australia to see her, so she got off the stage and hugged the woman.

“I’m planning an Australian tour now,” she told the crowd. “Why don’t we get your info and when the Sydney show happens you can come, on us?”

Quickly backtracking on her statement, Adele added, “Well, if the tour happens… I always announce things when I’m not supposed to.”

As for what’s holding her back from plotting her maiden Australian tour, Adele joked that her son’s schooling might lead her to stop making music altogether.

“My son will be starting school then,” she said, adding that she’ll want to be home in London for that. “Can you imagine me dropping my kid off at school? Crying?

“I’ll probably retire from music,” she said, which supposedly drew gasps and boos from the crowd.

“I’m telling a joke,” she said. “And the punchline is: Can you imagine me quitting music to become a music teacher at his school?”

Fairfax Media reports that Adele’s current Australian label, Inertia, says it knows nothing about any Australian tour plans, while the singer’s soon-to-be new international label, Sony, says it doesn’t know either.

With American shows scheduled to run until November, the chances of Adele hitting Aussie shores before the end of 2016 are slim. When she does finally make her way down under though, expect lots of banter and some swearing at her shows, but please don’t get caught filming with your phone — Adele hates that.

The only thing that’s certain is that Adele’s first-ever Australian tour will pretty much be guaranteed to sell out, whenever it finally arrives.

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