After The Fall Stream New Album ‘Unkind’

Punksters After The Fall are now streaming their fourth album, Unkind, for your listening pleasure, with the record due for release in the States today.

Not to be confused with the Aussie band of the same name, New York’s After The Fall recorded the album with Tim Lynch, and Stephen Edgerton, who has previously worked with The Descendents, was sitting behind the mixing desk. No official word on an Australian release yet, or if indeed it’s already in our stores, since we tend to get releases a few days early these days.

In an interview with Dying Scene back in 2011, vocalist and guitarist Mike Moak admitted the band’s name is “a nightmare” due to comparisons with the Australian band hailing from the Central Coast.

“Our band name is a nightmare, people always find the Australian After The Fall and think it’s us, and vice versa, I think we sold a few records in Australia and people were really confused,” he said.

“We also get confused with an organic juice company from Vermont called After The Fall and there’s a band from Nebraska that always comes up too. I think however in the punk / hardcore scene we are the only After The Fall but I’m probably wrong. We would’ve changed the name a long time ago but it’s been too long now.”

You can stream Unkind via Punk News. The track list is below.

After The Fall – Unkind:

1. Unkind
2. Tilberg
3. Disunion
4. Wrong
5. Controlled
6. Attention Dependent
7. Writers’ Block
8. Back and Forth
9. Double Negative
10. Screwers
11. Cathedral
12. Decade

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