Alan McGee Clearing Out ‘Rubbish’ Music Memorabilia In Auction

Always the controversialist, Alan McGee, former head of the famed British indie label, Creation Records, and manager of the Libertines, is auctioning off his music memorabilia.

On Saturday, at Omega Auctions in Manchester, he will sell off over one thousand pieces of his personal collection.

Reported to be included in the sale are early Oasis demo tapes, notes from Courtney Love, an apology from Tony Blair and even a lock of hair belonging to Elvis Presley.

McGee told The Manchester Evening News that the auction represents only about a third of all the memorabilia he has acquired over his time at Creation Records from 1983 to 1999.

“I’ve no real interest in the past and have sort of moved on from the music scene…there will be more to come in future auctions.”

“If anyone asks if I’m selling all this stuff because I’m skint, it’s not true: I live in a very big house in the country.”

Since retiring from the music scene, McGee has been outspoken in his comments about the industry.

Back in September, we reported his comments about ‘not liking music’, and that he got into the industry ‘as a way of not being a taxi driver’.

But McGee’s most outlandish statements were made at a conference of music figures around the same time, during which he said: “I read that the Sony/PIAS warehouse burnt down. I’m probably the only person who thought that was funny. I call that a result. Got rid of all the shit music. And you get paid for it, the stuff you couldn’t sell.”

He responded to the backlash in an interview with Music Feeds.

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