Alan McGee Might Revive His Record Label ‘Creation’

Alan McGee has “got the music buzz back again” and is considering reviving his famous record label, Creation.

The Guardian reports that the UK music mogul – who retired from the music industry in 2008 – now believes “music needs a kick in the balls” and is planning to re-start the label or launch it under a new name.

The reason for his re-ignited passion: he’s been helping programme next year’s edition of ‘Tokyo Rocks’ after one of the bands he manages – Primal Scream – played the festival this spring.

“It’s made me realise I do still love [music]” he said.

“…I am now seriously thinking about restarting Creation, or maybe [calling] it something else if I can find the right people at a label to work with.”

Creation Records was one of the UK’s most successful independent labels, launching bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fanclub, Primal Scream, and Oasis.

McGee managed many of the above acts, continuing even after he sold half of the company to Sony Music in 1992.

Following Creation’s dissolution in 1999, McGee started a new label, Poptones, which launched Swedish punk stars The Hives. Poptones lasted until 2007.

McGee’s re-arrival in the record label game is sure to be loved and loathed by some. Last year, McGee famously laughed at Sony Music’s warehouse fire in the UK. He refused to apologise about his comments when quizzed again by the Music Feeds team about the incident at BIGSOUND last year – expressing his joy at “loads of shit music getting burned”.

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