Alex Dyson Is Finally Back On Triple J, And He’s Already Played ‘Sandstorm’

Alex ‘Ratdog’ Dyson made his triumphant return to the triple j airwaves today, and now all is right in the world.

Dyson, who announced his impending return to triple j earlier this month after leaving the station in 2016, kicked off his first shift of 2017 by taking things straight to meme town.

“I used to do it with a co-host, which means I could be a little bit rusty on my lonesome,” Dyson told listeners, before preparing to play his first song of the day and accidentally intentionally playing two seconds of DUH-DUH-DUH-DUH-DUHs from Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’.

“Still a bit rusty at this, sorry,” Dyson said, before playing the song he supposedly meant to play, Matthew Young’s ‘Hey’.

There were some small errors along the way…

…but Dyson almost immediately copped a wave of love from listeners, including one who said they were “more excited for a Dyson than ALDI shoppers“, and others who were just super-proud to hear ‘Sandstorm’ ring out across the nation again.

Dyson said he was “humbled” by the display.

With his superiors on leave throughout the holiday period, Dyson says he’s ready to let loose at the triple j controls.

“The bosses are away, so I can play whatever I want,” he told listeners today, and given that he’s already played ‘Sandstorm’ once, we can’t wait to hear what else he’s got in store.

Dyson’s return to triple j (sans his former co-host Matt Okine, *sadface*) comes after the station recently announced a swathe of host changes for 2018, which will see Dyson handle the Lunch show for the first part of 2018 to help out Gen Fricker, who’ll continues to help out Lewis Hobba on Drive next year while Veronica Milsom is on maternity leave.

Before taking up the triple j Lunch spot next year, Dyson will host Summer Lunch from 10am to 2pm AEDT weekdays.

Catch up on all of triple j‘s 2018 host changes right here.

Images: Instagram

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