Alex Dyson Is Leaving Triple J (Again)

It’s time to say smell-ya-later (again) to your good m8 Ratdog.

Alex Dyson is choofing off from his triple j hosting duties due to a presenter reshuffle, triggered by Veronica Milsom’s return from maternity leave.

In an emotional statement to Music Feeds, Dyso says: “Alas, my 6 month role as lunch-time chair-warmer and tune-drizzler has come to an end. It was a lot of fun to be in the corridors of triple j again, but it’s time for me to head back to the air conditioning ducts of triple j and wait for someone else to get pregnant.”

Veronica will be coming back to the weekday arvo Drive show with Lewis Hobba, meaning current super-sub Gen Fricker will by shimmying back to hang out with us all during lunch, taking over the reigns from your favourite sesh gremlin.

The news was announced on air this arvo on Gen & Lewis, with Veronica returning to the studio to reveal that she’s back “for good”.

“I can’t wait to be back at triple j. For me, the sooner I exchange baby spew rags for tune rags the better,” V says of her triumphant return.

It means Veronica & Lewis are officially a thing again, although Gen will still be popping her head in to shake things up on the reg and we look forward to seeing what random body part they convince Lewis to get pierced next.

Thanking Gen for her tenure, Lewis muses: “If I’d known that Gen joining the show would result in 9 months of non-stop savagery and lies about my character I would have flat-out refused to work with her. But I’m so glad I didn’t because we’ve had so much fun on and off air and I’m excited that she’s going to keep popping by as a regular guest after 3pm to keep being a very funny pain in my arse”.

Gen adds: “I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the intellectual tone and high level of discussion of the triple j Drive show. Unfortunately, I didn’t take up that opportunity and will now live with the fact I spent the last nine months dumbing down the nation and spreading misinformation about Lewis. I regret nothing.”

The changes come into effect from Monday, 22nd July.

Meanwhile The Racket’s presenter Lochlan Watt has paid a heartfelt farewell to Dyso on Instagram, writing: “It’s been a real bloody pleasure making radio with @aedyson every Tuesday afternoon for the last six months. The dude is truly a wizard, and took our crosses to the next level. It was truly inspiring to follow his lead and create sick content from next to nothing as though it was as easy as breathing. It might not look like it here, but I am sad to see him leave @triple_j once more!”

So are we tbh.

Dyso’s last show will be this Friday 22nd June, and howza bet he’ll be busting out ‘Sandstorm’ again for his big swan song (Stacy Gougoulis will then be on deck at lunch until Gen returns).

ICYMI, Ratdog’s old triple j brekky bro Matt Okine recently said he “would not rule out” a return to radio with Alex, so we can still dare to dream about what the future holds for him beyond the triple j air con ducts.

Happy trails, Dyso!

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