Alice Cooper Launches Kickstarter To Fund Comic Book Series

Alice Cooper seems like the sort of dude who would be able to come up with an absolute weapon of a comic book series from that twisted mind of his, and with a little help from the fans, it’s looking like it’s going to happen.

Cooper has fused with Tom Sheppard, the dude behind that Annoying Orange thing that was pretty funny for a while there, and together the two have launched a Kickstarter campaign, with the aim of raising a cheeky $200,000 by Friday, 19th April to fund the production of the comics that, with a bit of luck, could become a TV series.

The series will be released under the moniker Uncle Alice Presents, and even though horror-themed comics have been around for decades, none have detailed the elaborate rollercoaster journey through the imagination of the Shock Rocker himself.

Together with Sheppard, Cooper aims to release 12 issues of the comic, which will be followed up with a graphic novel, and that TV series pilot is a serious maybe.

Much like other Kickstarter campaigns, this one includes incentives for donating money. As Music News reports, $3 will get you a snazzy little Alice Cooper pin, but $10,000 will score you a round of golf with Cooper himself. That particular perk comes with an ‘Experienced players only’, which shows Cooper means business on the course.

Check out one of the sample stories below. Shit looks sweet!


“A young couple, on the way to Burning Man, encounter a creepy vagabond (who looks a lot like Alice) who may or may not be famed serial killer, the High Desert Demon. In classic “scary ghost hitchhiker” fashion, wherever they travel, Uncle Alice is there, trying to lure them into what he cryptically calls “paradise.” Rather than become his next victims, the proactive kids run him down, leaving his corpse in a ditch. But he isn’t dead, and no matter what they do to him in their frenzied, fearful state – drag him behind the car, hang him, bury him, dismember him – he keeps coming back for more… even with his head severed. But he’s no killer. We finally reveal, he’s actually good old Uncle Alice, gatekeeper of the netherworld. He hasn’t been stalking to kill them. See, they’re already dead – the latest victims of the real High Desert Demon, which they discover upon seeing their own lifeless corpses in the trunk of their car. Uncle Alice was just trying to guide them to paradise. Instead, the terrified and confused souls lop off his head and drive straight into a lake of fire. As the young lovers sink into the fiery depths, Uncle Alice stands on the shore, re-attaching his severed head as he laments cheekily, “Why do they never listen?”

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