Alison Wonderland Calls Out Garbage Humans Who Left Rape Comments On Her Instagram

In the latest instance of gross douchelords ruining the internet for everyone else, a pair of human skidmarks have taken it upon themselves to invade the comment section of one of Alison Wonderland’s recent Instagram posts, and joke (we can only hope) about how they would like to “roofie” and “rape” her.

It spurred the Aussie DJ to take to social media and blast the culprits and the rest of the human-equivalents-of-toilet-mould out there who for some reason think it’s ok to make jokes about raping people.

“Yo I wouldn’t usually call people out but I feel like this time it is important,” Wonderland wrote on Facebook, with a screenshot of the (now deleted) comments. “Last 2 comments. This is not ok. Ever. I don’t care if it’s a ‘joke’. Not. Ok.”

Yo I wouldn't usually call people out but I feel like this time it is important. Last 2 comments. This is not ok. Ever. I don't care if it's a 'joke'. Not. Ok.

Posted by Alison Wonderland on Monday, October 5, 2015

The guy tagged in the second offending comment – @jacobm0, real name Jacob Moore – got in contact with AW pretty soon after to assure her that he had nothing to do with the whole thing.

In the wake of this, and reports that some fans – perhaps a tad overzealous to defend her – had taken to harassing the perpetrators’ family members and girlfriends, Wonderland made some additional comments and posts, calling for calm:

“To the people harassing these guys girlfriends.. please stop – it has nothing to do with them.. and Jacob Moore wasn’t involved either, let’s just hope these other guys both learn from this and move forward,” she wrote.

“I hope anyone who has ever felt threatened by comments like these know that it’s totally acceptable to stand up for yourself and take it seriously. Humans need to be respected equally regardless of gender or job or wealth or education. Any comment said to make someone feel threatened is a crime.

Call me ugly, tell me you hate my music or my voice or whatever i don’t give a fuck about that shit, but implying that you want to give me a drug then rape me, joke or not, is just… oh my god… how is this even a thing?”

Amen, sister.

On that note, anyone out there who has been a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault can call the national helpline – 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) – for advice and assistance.

Moving on from my last post, please please please stop sending abuse to the families and girlfriends of these guys.. it…

Posted by Alison Wonderland on Monday, October 5, 2015

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