Alison Wonderland Shares Honest Open Letter On The “Dark Side” Of Being A Touring Artist

There’s been a lot of discussion and debate surrounding the financial hardships faced by musicians these days, but the same can’t be said for their mental hardships. Internationally acclaimed producer Alison Wonderland has decided to suffer in silence no more, penning an open letter that gives a rare insight into the inner hardships of some of the world’s most popular touring acts.

Wonderland starts off the letter, addressed to friends, “I know my life may seem crazy and cool (which it fucking is!) but being a touring artist also has its dark side” before going on to describe the dizzying heights and crushing lows that make up the ebb and flow of being a successful live artist.

“One minute you’re playing in front of thousands of people giving every part of your soul. Next minute, you’re alone in a room in a strange place with no real friends around you.”

Wonderland describes a fast-pace lifestyle build around the brand which includes, “No real hugs or conversations…” which are instead replaced with lonely thinking, missing your family and never feeling settled.

The Australian producer addresses the unrealistic expectations placed on artists by themselves and also critics. All of these, Wonderland describes, coupled with constant time alone, aren’t “healthy for the mind.”

The letter ends with some sage advice from Wonderland, and considering the meteoric rise to the top she’s experienced as well as the feathers now in her cap, is worth paying attention to. “Stay grounded, and most importantly be open when shit starts to feel a little weird.”

No doubt the letter will resonate strongly with her fellow touring acts who struggle with the flux and flow of artistic success.

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