Allday Samples Fan Fart And Freestyles Over It

We truly live in exciting times as local rapper Allday has just proven by sampling a video a fan sent to him of himself farting, turning it into a beat and free-styling over the top of it. That’s right, the future is here, and it’s all farts, all the time.

The video of the fart, which was sent to Allday with moving message “I just wanted to bless you with this”, sounds kind of like a snare drum, and that’s where this whole disgusting adventure begins.

Taking the fans piece of poo-hole percussion, looping it, pitching it down and using it to craft a beat, the final result sounds like a super lo-fi and simplified Madlib production. Mind you, with Allday enlisting the talents of his housemate Matthew Khabbaz – aka producer Tigerilla, what else would you expect…

Well if you’re like me you expected to hear someone rapping over a fart, but this is way better, so why don’t you watch the video here below and appreciate the ‘fartistry’ for yourselves.

Allday – Fart Freestyle

Fart FreestyleThis dude sent me a video of him farting, so I sampled it and rapped on itThanks to my housemate Tigerilla for the help

Posted by Allday on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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