Allday Wants To Collab With Shannon Noll, “The Deserving Winner” Of ‘Australian Idol’ 2003

Homegrown rapper Allday has invited the one and only Shannon Noll to collaborate with him on a cover of Guy Sebastian’s Angels Brought Me Here. Why? To prove that old mate Nollsie should’ve won the 2003 edition of Australian Idol.

Posting to Facebook, Allday has shared with the world his letter to Mr Noll, which reads:

Dear Shannon Noll,

I invite you to Melbourne to join me in recording a cover of Guy Sebastian’s song “Angels Brought Me Here” on the 27th of January to prove once and for all that you are the DESERVING winner of Australian Idol 2003.

I will happily pay for your flights from Condoblin.

Yours Sincerely in Music,


While Nollsie hasn’t publicly replied to Allday’s invitation, Aussie music fans are surely up for an Allday and Nollsie collab, given it could keep the meme-machine turning for years to come. There’s also the fact that almost 20,000 people have clicked ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’ on Facebook page for the “13th Annual Shannon Noll Was Robbed of Winning Australian Idol Memorial” event this November.

One thing Nollsie has responded to is the beautiful petition to get him a slot on this year’s Groovin The Moo lineup. He’s previously said on Facebook that he’s up for it and has been in contact with festival organisers, but here’s a new video confirmation from the man himself:

Nollzy is keen for GTM2016 #getshantoGTM2016

Posted by Brie Duval on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

As for Guy Sebastian…

In a recent interview with Paper, Allday said, “A lot of Australian hip-hop is trash. It’s not current. It’s a sham. I feel like to be in hip-hop, one of the things you need to be is effortlessly cool.” If that’s true, Nollsie is the man for the job.

See Allday’s full invitation to Nollsie, below.

Dear Shannon Noll,I invite you to Melbourne to join me in recording a cover of Guy Sebastian's song "Angels Brought Me…

Posted by Allday on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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