Amity Affliction’s Ahren Stringer Gets Death Threats After “Cop Killer” Posts

The Amity Affliction vocalist Ahren Stringer caused a bit of an uproar overnight on social media, that was sparked by an image he reposted on Instagram, interpreted by many as inciting violence towards police officers.

The image in question showed uniformed US police officers carrying a coffin draped with an American flag, at what looks to be a funeral or burial service. The superimposed text reads, “Freedom grows when cops get planted. Plant a freedom seed today.” The post drew a mixture of passionate criticism as well as some support from Stringer’s followers.

“You’re a role model dude. No matter what you think, this post has gone too far. You preach about anti suicide, yet it’s right to promote death on here?,” wrote one follower. “Why the hell is everyone bitching about this?!? It’s his opinion he’s aloud to have it!,” said another.

Following the uproar, Stringer has since followed up his original post with another, offering an explanation for those who said they have “lost respect” for him. The image is a screen shot of a news story about the murder charges made against former detective Glen McNamara, as well as posters of Body Count and NWA.

“Anyone who is personally friends with or related to an officer of the law, if I offended you by my previous post I apologise,” wrote Stringer in the caption. “I might seem ignorant to the ignorant but believe me I’m quite the opposite. I’ve felt personally victimised by the police, along with every single one of my closest friends since I can remember (about 15) I’m now 28 yrs old and the hate runs deep.”

“Did I mention a police officer killed a kid yesterday in Sydney? Anyway I’m a little upset some of you have “lost respect” for me and our band but these are my views and shouldn’t reflect on The Amity Affliction,” he continues. “But Jesus fucking Christ! (Sorry to take the Lord’s name in vain) this is punk rock/heavy metal!”

“I hope most of the H8erz are unaware of bands like Body Count and NWA, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. This shit is about being oppressed and abused by other human beings that should be equal to you and I but are abusing their power and authority. I’m not saying I have the all the answers but I know damn sure something is wrong and it ain’t me.”

Via his Twitter account, Stringer said he has received threats of violence and death following the initial post. The Queensland metalcore mainstays, The Amity Affliction have recently announced the details of their forthcoming fourth full-length studio effort, to be titled Let The Ocean Take Me, which will arrive on Friday, 6th June.

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Photographed by Ashley Mar

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