Amy Lee Says Evanescence Were Forced To Put A Male Vocalist On ‘Bring Me To Life’

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has revealed that the band was forced to put a male vocalist on their iconic 2003 debut single, ‘Bring Me To Life’.

The band’s record label at the time wanted a male vocalist in the band to help appease fans by making their sound more “familiar”, hence the inclusion of Paul McCoy on the track.

“The fact that it was a woman and a piano that started the track was just too much,” she told The Forty-Five.

“I had to think we were being dropped for that because I said no. Eventually we came to the compromise that we only had to do it on one song and it could be a guest vocalist.”

She later explained how she felt about the song immediately following its release.

“That was really hard for me because I had to start out with our first song feeling like I made a sacrifice on my art,” she said.

“If that song, like that, was the only thing people ever heard of us on a mainstream level and then we went away, I would be not happy. I would be very disappointed in my career, because I would have felt really misunderstood and like I should have stood up for myself in the first place.”

Revisit the song, which Lee assures she looks back fondly on, below.


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