Amy Shark Announces Forthcoming Docuseries, ‘FOREVER, AMY SHARK’

Amy Shark has announced a forthcoming docuseries titled FOREVER, AMY SHARK. It’ll take fans behind the scenes on the recording of Shark’s forthcoming follow up to Love Monster.

“2080 Hours, 1 album,” the trailer teases before showing a montage of Amy Shark’s triumphs and frustrations in the recording process.

Announcing the news via Instagram, the ‘Adore’ singer wrote, “I decided to not show you much while I was recording CRY FOREVER mainly because I was extremely focused and if I started hyping you all up about it my focus wouldn’t of been as sharp as it was.

“I had songs that I was proud of and excited about but I knew it was going to take some time to get this album perfect.

“So as hard as it was to not post anything at the time, I’m glad I didn’t.

“Because now you get to see all the BTS in my upcoming doco series! All the highs and lows of this upcoming album that I know you will love!”

Amy Shark’s second studio album, CRY FOREVER is due to drop Friday, 30th April.

So far we’ve heard the collab with Travis Barker, ‘C’MON‘, ‘Everybody Rise‘, and ‘All the Lies About Me’.

We had a chat with Shark about the new album, catch it here.

Amy Shark ‘CRY FOREVER’ Tracklisting

Due Friday, 30th April

1. Wolves

2. Everybody Rise

3. Worst Day of My Life

4. C’MON Feat. Travis Barker

5. All The Lies About Me

6. Miss You

7. Love Songs Ain’t For Us Feat. Keith Urban

8. I’ll Be Yours

9. You’ll Never Meet Anyone Like Me Again

10. That Girl

11. Lonely Still

12. Baby Steps

13. Amy Shark

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