Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death Unknown After Autopsy

Autopsy results have been inconclusive in revealing what caused the death of Amy Winehouse. Police have reported that the initial autopsy results could not confirm the cause of death and further toxicology tests need to be performed that could take weeks. An inquest was opened at St. Pancras Coroner’s Court and was adjourned after minutes until October 26.

Although many media outlets have speculated that Amy died of a drug overdose, police have confirmed that there were no drugs or drug paraphernalia found at her house.

Amy returned home at 10 am after a night out, telling security she was going to sleep; 6 hours later she was found dead.

A funeral will be held on Tuesday in London and will be a private affair attended by family and friends only.

Online music distributors have been quick to cash in on Amy’s death, Microsoft even encouraged Twitter followers to remember Amy Winehouse by purchasing her last album on the company’s entertainment marketplace, Zune. After a Twitter backlash the company tweeted: Apologies to everyone if our earlier Amy Winehouse ‘download’ tweet seemed purely commercially motivated, Far from the case, we assure you.

Apple also posted an image of Winehouse on the front of iTunes store with the caption “remembering Amy Winehouse.” While Amazon posted a brief obituary with a purchase link to her music in a blatant attempt to cash in from her death.

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