Amy Winehouse – One Or Two More Posthumous Albums To Be Released

Amy Winehouse’s father and official biographer – Mitch Winehouse – has confirmed that there will be at least one, maybe two, more of his daughter’s posthumous albums released.

Pedestrian reports that Mitch mentioned the details in a chat with BBC 6 Music – revealing there are “loads of covers” still left in the vault.

“I’m not sure that there is much more, but I’m sure that we will get at least one other album out, if not two,” he said.

“There are loads of covers, loads of them, but the problem is we don’t want to rip anybody off. When her fans are so precious to us, we don’t want to put out dross.”

Winehouse’s first album of posthumous tunes – Lioness: Hidden Treasures – was released late last year, with strong sales all around the globe. The first anniversary of her death falls later this month on July 23.

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