Andrew W.K. Takes Out 24-Hour Drum Session World Record

Say what you will about party ambassador Andrew W.K but the dude knows endurance drumming. W.K has come good on threats to perform the longest drum session ever to be held in a retail store coming good at the O Music Awards this morning.

It was a riveting experience for all those involved, and as you can see in the below video the man held it together with serious aplomb throughout the gruelling trial. Inspired by the thought of a cheeky pizza afterwards, and with a little helping hand from an array of guest drummers including ?uestlove, Chad Smith and Cuba Gooding Jnr. W.K’s wife was there to provide a much needed back rub during the home stretch.

During the session, W.K provided some running commentary for his fans with a flurry of tweets, most of which are about partying, exclaiming “oh, JOY!” upon facing his final hour.

Speaking to MTV after the stunt was complete, the sticks man elaborated a little more on the physical demand he had just been through, as well as the weight of all the feels:

“Every emotion and every feeling from the most excited and happy to the most… I don’t wanna ever say I was sad, but in severe pain — like real physical pain… I didn’t anticipate that at all.”

He added, “I actually never got tired because there was so much adrenaline and so many people that were especially giving so much energy. It really felt like a team effort.” W.K was quick to thank fans for transmitting their party vibes to him when he completed the milestone.

(Via Billboard)

Watch: Last 5 minutes of Andrew W.K.’s World Record for Longest Drum Session in a Retail Store

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