Angel Haze Hits Out At Tinder, Grindr And Internet Dating

Rapper Angel Haze is as renowned for her whip smart, break-neck flow as she is for her highly opinionated nature and it’s the latter that she’s illustrated in a new op-ed in which she dissects modern love and dating culture, even hitting out at popular “hookup apps” Tinder and Grindr.

“I just can’t get on board with internet dating. It’s so gross,” opens Haze, writing for Noisey. “You meet people in seconds, you don’t get that feeling when you have the time to get to know someone, to take them on dates. You have Grindr and Tinder; where you’re clicking on someone and deciding if you want to fuck them in five seconds, going to their hotel, and having disgusting, nasty sex.”

“It all happens so fast. It’s so instantaneous,” she adds. The rapper then goes on to offer her own views on love and outs herself as a romantic, describing her first love, and an instance in which she sought someone out on blogging site Tumblr, which later resulted in a three-year relationship.

Haze says that one of the perks in being signed to a major label is in being able to “fly a person I just can’t be without to wherever I need them to be,” but adds, “most people don’t do that cause then they feel like a prostitute: ‘You make me feel like a cheap whore, you’ve flown me in just for sex.'”

With her approach to breakups she recommends “turn[ing] your ex into literature,” adding, “Make them fictional, and then they don’t exist anymore. When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend I wrote a blog about him for a year, over-romanticising him wildly beyond my imagination. And it worked.”

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